Install Music Box to Search and Download any MP3 for Free on iDevices [Cydia Tweak]

Syncing your iPhone to computer every time you want to add new songs to your iPhone feels like a cumbersome task, since a lot of us don’t have access to computers all the time. Sometimes, even after you finish the sync process, you later realize that not all the songs and apps have been successfully transferred. All these worries can be put to ease using this tweak from Cydia. Dubbed Music Box, this app allows you search and download any MP3 songs for free on your iDevices.

Not only this is totally free, it also has a library of millions of songs along with a fantastic collection of music charts from all over the world and top chart updates. You can download and play any song of your choice anywhere you want using EDGE or Wifi. The user interface is pretty decent; you just need to enter the name of song or artist and it will show you the matching results. After that it is as simple as Tap, Download, and Play. The only downside is the ad space at the bottom since the app is free.

In order to install this, you must have a jailbroken iDevice. Here are the steps to jailbreak your device if you haven’t done it already.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4s And iPad 2 5.0.1 Untethered On Windows

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4S And iPad 2 On iOS 5.0.1 (MAC)

How to Install Motion on iDevice:

  1. On your jailbroken device, launch Cydia.
  2. Go to Search and then type Music Box, or you can go to BigBoss repo and find it over there.
  3. Install


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